One Day Health & Safety Awareness Course

Why should you do the 1 day site safety plus health and safety Course

As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), Health is a complete state of fitness of physical, mental, and social well-being. For more knowledge, it will be good for people to have a look at health and safety awareness training. Every worker and supervisor is eligible to take this training under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It is important to take good care of your mental, physical and social health throughout your life. Taking care of your health is a lifelong process that involves all the practices and awareness for staying healthy. Safety means you are being protected by some non-desirable outcomes or by any damage. When we label something as “safe” it generally means that it is protected from certain parameters or has some boundaries.

Explain What is 1 Day Site Safety plus Health and Safety Awareness Course?

Under the Act 1974 ‘Health and Safety at Work’, Employers are imposed to make sure that employees are provided with enough training and information to lessen the risk at work. The training method is up to the employers. In case of an emergency, generally, professionals come to provide you the safety training. Organizations have their own team for disaster management who provides safety measures and works to over the risk of safety for their employees. Health management is also taken care of by the employers and it’s their responsibility to make sure every employee is fit and fine. Health and safety are provided to all the workers under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It is done to explain to the workers their rights and responsibilities. It also provides a basic introduction to disaster management with the best precautions techniques.

Why is it require?

This one-day Health and Safety Awareness course is required for better protection of yourself from the working surroundings.

It covers the following things:-

Ill-health prevention and the planning process for the casualty.

Company’s Health and Safety policy.

Company’s agenda, procedures, practices, and resources for implementing and establishing, maintaining, and reviewing the occupational health and safety policy.

The management is supposed to cover and should cover the entire plan and tactic of an employee’s occupational safety and health in the organization.

What are the criteria required?

There are no such criteria required for both employer and the employee to get the training for Safety and Health Awareness course. Every individual in the workplace has some or the other part to play in health and safety, therefore they require training. Training should be mandatory for all levels of employers and employees to have a better understanding of the organization’s policy. It is important to complete off the training task systematically, hence, any senior member of the organization should be present during the training.

How to apply?

There are plenty of ways to apply for these health and safety courses and it is up to the organization how they plan it. Generally, it is available on the internet where companies are providing a one-day training course for employees and laborers too where all the required parts would be covered with giving a practical demonstration.

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