Level 1 Award in Safety Course

Why should you do the Level 1 Award in Health and Safety Course

It is really risky and dangerous to work regularly at a construction site. Therefore, it is really important to take this certification of level 1 award in the Health and Safety Course. It will help you to understand the policies and the safety measurements better.

What is it?

The level 1 Award of the “Health and Safety at a Construction Environment” is made in such a way that the employees get a thorough lookout of the safety and security norms of the organizations and the precautions they have to take while working. This certification will prove on paper that you have completed this level of understanding of work. Successful completion of this certification will prove the person’s intelligence and security requirements of a construction site. With this certification and the completion of the CITB Operative Health Safety and Environment Test, it will ensure people have the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) laborers’, Green Card. All the evaluation criteria and learning outcomes for the potentials were created by the filed specialists from CSCS’s Card Management Committee with following a suggestion that all laborers on construction destinations ought to be formally qualified. This will be helpful for the people who are looking for a career in the construction industry.

Why is this award necessary?

It is the basic fundamental course for you to begin your career in the field of the construction industry and to pick up a CSCS card. It will give you a better comprehensive knowledge about the working conditions, proficiency, and security norms and developments.


There is no such qualification required to apply for this post. Anyone can apply if they are interested in the Laborer’s Green Card.

You just need to go through the course to attain the certificate. Anyone older than 14 years can apply for this position and they require completing the course in the duration of 29 hours.

Once you completed the course you will get to know your roles and responsibilities to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Some of the topics covered are explained below :-

The importance of maintaining and improving the criteria of safety and health at the workplace.

Handling of equipment safely.

Gives sufficient information for working at height in the construction site.

Good information on the types of risks health risks in the construction field.

Knowledge about working around plants.

The total cost will be called by both the institution and the support provider. The final test will be consenting of 45 questions and the test has to be completed in 60 minutes. Maximum marks would be around 32 out of 45.

How to Apply

This test of health and safety at the construction site is very important at the initial level because working at a construction site could be of great risk and having appropriate knowledge is necessary about the same. The course includes downloadable report content and E-learning cooperation. Centers that are approved to do this test may book a multiple-choice examination, which can give a good result once cleared.

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